Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's doing? :)

Hehe...I had to start with some J.R Ward slang from the Brotherhood to give this review! Anyway, I've been in and out of blog hopping for awhile and I blame it on some major life changes as I mentioned in the last post. As of 2nd of September, I've permanently moved out of Toronto...I can't imagine that I'll go back anytime soon and I can't be happier. I miss my family and friends so much, but British Columbia is an awesome place to live! Gorgeous scenary, nice people, just the right amount of modernisation...what's not to like? And my workplace is set atop a mountain overlooking miles of forests, lakes and the moutains and sea in the great is that? I also bought my first car! And I had the most perfect day yesterday. I finally got a copy of Lover Awakend and I drove out my favourite lookout point by the beach that I've found so far...and read the whole book in one sitting. It was absolutely heavenly...
Anyway, enough about me and the book...I have to say, J.R Ward delivers. She did a great job in redeeming Zsadist's character in this book, personally, a much better job than Karen Moning did in The Immortal Highlander. We got to see so much more the sweeter side of Zsadist...and I fell even more in love with Phury than I did before. I can't wait for his book to come out, but Tohr...poor baby, its so heartbreaking to see what happened to such a good male. *sigh*...Going back to Zsadist, my absolute favourite moment with Zsadist and Bella was when he wrote "I love you" in a piece of paper and gave it to her...its even more cute when he says he'll write it again in case she can't read it in a small voice. Not just say it but in a "small" voice, like a little adorable. It was just so painful to read about the parts about his past...I quickly skimmed through the part where Phury shot off his leg, it was just too painful. I guess I really got into the characters in this book and I think I like this book much more than the last two. Man if Wrath and Rhage had problems, those are nothing compared what Zsadist and Phury went through. And the uber-sexy brother Vishous, well I guess all the readers are left questioning about him...especially because of his relationship with Butch. Anyway, the brothers and Butch all seem pretty secure about their manliness to climb into one bed naked while Bella was going through her needing...hmmm, men (or vampire-males) can be so weird sometimes...All considered I loved this book, I just hope she'll keep up the good job with the rest of the books and hopefully won't drag the series for way too long. I'm very much a novice to reading romance novels but there are series which drag on for far too long. Anyway, school's officially starting tomorrow and I'm excited because grad school's a big deal...hopefully, things will fall into a good rythem so I'll have time to read more books.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Okay, I've been absent from my blog for about two weeks now...and its not because I've abandoned it, but only because I've been crazy busy with moving from one end of Canada to the other and not having time off work at all. I'm now in British Columbia and its just absolutely amazing...of course, Scotland is still my number one! Anyway, since I didn't have an apartment for sure until the last minute I didn't wanna preorder Lover Awakened...and I was so looking forward to it! I figured once I get here an Indigo/Chapters bookstore will have it on the day of its release...but just my bad luck they don't have it! WTF! So I went online and ordered said the delivery will be 2-4 days but then I get an email saying that my order will arrive on or before September 14th! So I have to wait 9 more days to read it if I am really unlucky...and considering my luck, it'll probably won't get here until the 14th...anyway, to resist temptation to look into the other blogs about how it is, I'm not gonna blog hop until I get the book...which I hope is soon otherwise I'm gonna hurt somebody at hard is it to get a book on the day of its release..this is Canada for goodness sake!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Too much info?

Okay, since we are on the topic of lovely vampire-warriors, I thought I should check out J.R. Ward's website for more info on the books. I was just browsing through the stuff that I've looked at so many times before when I realised that I've never been to her message boards. So I did. I signed up for an account and read some of the posts by J.R. Ward herself. Now this topic has been brought up in another blog at SF, about authors crossing that fine line between fantasy and reality. We all love a hot hero, but are fictitious interviews with characters of each book blurring that line between fantasy and reality? Anyway, the purpose of this post isn't to discuss about that (however, your comments are welcome!). I was browsing through the forums and she gives alot of clues to the content of future novels. There were two parts that made me go "Awwwww", these were possible scenes (or her notes for possible chapters) from the future novels as she comes up with them. In one of the scenes, Zsadist is playing a guitar and singing With Arms Wide Open by CREED...for Bella. If this appears on the actual novel I will start crying!, and then I started reading about Phury in what J.R. Ward calls "Slices of Life". These posts give more insight into the characters and also drafts out the lives of the brothers for future novels. And reading about Phury is even sadder! He's such an honorable person (I was wondering why I was so felt like I was bordering on the whole fantasy-or-reality issue) and the things he go through for his brother makes him so irresistable and he's so lonely after Bella and Zsadist get I don't know how many of the readers followed J.R. Wards forum, so I'm not gonna say anymore. That would spoil the plots in the future. But at times, it just seemed like she was including way too much info...I figured if I read all of the forums from the beginning, I would've been able to figure out most of Phury's story. Knowing a bit more kind of hiked up anticipation about Lover Awakened but the overall effect of reading tid-bits about Phury was more saddening. So I was thinking, is starting forums on future novels a buzz-kill? On a much unrelated analogy, imagine if you knew the outcome of Harry Potter? That would just dampen the thrill of finding things out when you read the book...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Highly Anticipated: Lover Awakened

There's only two more weeks left before the relase of Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward and I'm so excited! I got hooked into reading the Blackdagger brotherhood series after reading some fab reviews at Sanctuary's Finest and I'm so glad I came across the works of Ms. Ward. Initially, I didn't think I was into the whole vampire scene but her heros are so sexy and irresistable, what's not to like?
Anyway, getting back to the novel, the hero of Lover Awakened is Zsadist. He is the brother who was kidnapped at birth for blood slavery, tortured nearly to death by a cruel mistress (whom I sincerely hope died a gruesome death in the story) and has next-to-no ability to be intimate with someone. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that this story will be even more appealing than the last two novels from the blackdagger brotherhood series. One of the greatest qualities I find in J.R Ward's heros is that they are man enough (actually, I should say "vampire-male" enough :) ) to admit their feelings, one of the sweetest moments from the previous novels was when Wrath from Dark Lover started to cry when he found out his shellan, Beth, was alive and well.
Zsadist comes quite a bit in the first novel, but the plot for his love story is more laid out in the second novel, Lover Eternal. Zsadist first meets his future lover, Bella, when she brings a pre-transition vampire male to the brotherhood for training and they meet again for the second time at a party thrown by Rhage for his shellan Mary. Even though Zsadist is attracted to Bella in a more intimate level, the sadder part is that he doesn't know it and saddest part is that he's scared of his feelings towards her. At the end of Lover Eternal, Bella has been kidnapped by lessers and we've yet to see how things turn out for Zsadist and Bella. One of the parts I thought was the sweetest, that we see Zsadist's good side is when he cleans Bella's place so that she can come into a normal house when she's rescued. He cleans the mess left behind by the struggle Bella put up, fold her clothes and arranges her perfume. *Sigh*, a man who cleans things around the great is that?
Anyway, I'm really hoping that this novel would be good...right now I just really want to read something that has a good ending...things around campus have been so saddening lately...just wish there was something to cheer me up.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lovely Scotia (part 2)

"Beatrice studied her a moment, then glanced out the window into the twilight. Her gaze shifted from left to right over Loch Ness in the distance. Then she smiled faintly. 'There's magic in these hills. I've felt it ever since we arrived. As if the natural laws of the universe don't quite apply to this country.' "- An excerpt from the Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.

Lovely Scotia

Okay, so everyone who knows me well know that I'm absolutely crazy about Scotland. I lived there for ten months between 2004 and 2005 for an exchange program in my school and fell sooooo much in love with it. Just about everything in Scotland was absolutely perfect, from the beach to all of the bunnies in my front yard. I lived in the tiny coastal town of St. Andrews in the north east coast of Scotland...and the towns' population (including the university kids) was 16,000. Now, I've lived in big cities all my life and before going to Scotland, small-town living of that sort was unimaginable. I guess my idea of small-town living was mostly influenced by American television, and it was nothing like I ever imagined. The first photo is one of St Andrews castle, which was only a five minute walk from my flat. My backyard was pretty much the North sea (well, the beach of North sea) and I used to take the longer route to town everyday just so that I can catch that amazing sea breeze and go through the teeny harbour right before the castle grounds. It was such an amazing year, and I must say that I totally agree with what Karen Marie Moning said in the Kiss of the Highlander: that Scotland is magical. Its pretty much a real life analogy of Narnia, parts of it are just so beautiful you think its too good to be true. Anyway, I'm just ranting on about my love for Scotland...and its men of course! (well, at least in the highlander novels) Well, here are some pictures of Scotland...I miss it like its home...and these pictures weren't taken by me. I have an old-fashioned camera and my family and friends don't seem to get the fact that I need a digital camera for my birthday/christmas, dammit, so I found some gorgeous pictures of places in Scotland (mostly places I've visited) online. These pictures were posted in Pbase, and the guy who took them are called Neil Paskin and he's a great photographer. Anyway, Enjoy the photos...also, I've noticed that our romance readers prefer Dageus MacKeltar in the Dark Highlander over Drustan MacKeltar in the Kiss of the Highlander. Now, I love all MacKeltar men so much, but Drustan's my ultimate hero and I feel I must pay a tribute to his awesomeness...that will be in a soon-to-be post. Luv, Kay.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Confessions of a shopaholic...

After many many weeks of work, things at my workplace finally calmed down today. So I got to come home early and get to some books I've been meaning to finish. It was absolutely heavenly :) One of the books I've been meaning to finish is Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I've been hearing that this book is hilarious, but after I finished it I was sadly disappointed. The heroine (if I can call her that...) of this book is Becky Bloomwood who is stuck at a job in a financial magazine called Successful Savings that bores her to tears. She lives in a flat in trendy Fulham in London with a closet full of designer outfits that she can't afford. The book follows the story of her mishaps with handling her money and meeting her boyfriend Luke (whom I liked after awhile...) etc. As funny as most of the book is, I found it quite annoying for some reason. Now, I believe in a good dose of retail therapy at the right time, and her addiction to retail wasn't what bothered me...Becky is also lives in a fantasyland, she lies almost to everyone she knows to cover up her financial difficulties, and some of these lies include telling her parents that her bank manager is stalking her when he's actually calling her to set an appointment to discuss about her crazy overdraft. I guess at the end of the day, the book is a good laugh and what's more disturbing is that I know several people who are like of my ex-boyfriends was a male version of her :(

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Eye candy

This is the reason why I like soccer :) I wish North America had more of the excitement that Europeans have about soccer, all my friends from Europe had time off work or school to watch the FIFA world cup. I wish situation here in Canada was the same only one question that a sock in Fabio Cannavaro's underwear?

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